Every Daydream

Every Daydream

Hey Gang!

March 30th- Busy week this week! 3 in Nashville starting tonight at Hyatt Place at 6pm. Thursday finds me back continuing my spring residency at The Renaissance Montgomery in Alabama. Also back in the studio writing a couple of new songs. Then on Friday I'm headed back to Kentucky for an Easter visit. 

March 31st- Had a fantastic photo shoot with Brian and Jenn yesterday for the new record! We shot down near Nolensville yesterday morning around 7am. It was a blast and it was a beautiful sunny morning and I know we got some great shots. However, it was so cold I think the our car clocked the temperature at 23 degrees when we got started. We also kind of shot on some train tracks which you shouldn't ever do...ever...unless you do it quick. Anyway can't wait for you guys to see what we've got!

April 1st- Got a special Wednesday night performance at Ivories tonight at 7pm. Look for me there April 7th,14th,21st,28th. Plus I'll be at Hyatt Place April 6th,9th,13th,16th,and 20th. Not to mention the Concert Window broadcast on the 19th. Plenty of chances to see me in Nashville this month so check the shows page and come on out!

April 3rd- Thanks to all the fine folks that hosted me on the Spring Minitour last month. The Renaissance Cleveland and their grand lobby court are always a joy to play, The Ren Des Moines for welcoming me to their city, Dave and the gang at The La Salle Tavern are the best ever, Ren Pittsburgh for keeping me for two nights, Bruce and the team at The Beat Hotel, what a fantastic and cool place. More thanks to The Ren Providence for a warm welcome, Foxboro who are just some of the finest folks ever, Ren Boston sorry I brought a little snow with me the night I played, Caffe Vivaldi and the West Village for a wonderful closing night, finally the Heely's for their hospitality! I should be back in the mid-west and east coast later this year touring the new record!