Every Daydream

Every Daydream

Hey Gang!

July 20th- The gigs keep on coming. This week is gonna be crazy!! Thursday night I'm playing MadDonna's Loft with my friends Triple Run. It's a free show so if you're in Nashville please come out and see us! Kentucky peeps I'll be up your way Friday night in Lexington doing a set at Talon Winery. Not sure if reservations are required so call up just to be sure and come on out. Plus if you feel like following me to Shelbyville Saturday night, I'll be at the other Talon location for a set! I'd love to see you it's been a whille so come on out!


July 21st- In the midst of a big project in the studio for my friends at Taillight TV. Crew 22 and I are working on some kareoke tracks. We're talking a lot of today's top country hits. Now I know you don't necessarliy think of me as a country guy but let me tell you singing and playing on this stuff is actually a lot of fun and refreshing. It's a bit of a challenge to be honest. Some stuff is hard to play and hard to sing but it's that kind of stuff that makes you better at what you do. I'll keep you guys posted but if you'd like to have a good laugh the first tune we worked on last weekend was the Billy Ray Cyrus classic "Achy Breaky Heart". I can hear you all chuckling and giggling...you're welcome.

July 23rd- Just added some new dates to the calendar where you can catch me live. As always I'm at Hyatt Place downtown Nashville and Ivories Lounge every week if you're in area. August 1st I'll be at the one and only Mel's Diner in Shelbyville, TN. I've also got, and I'm super excited for, two more shows at The Opry Backstage Grill! Come see me there August 16th and 30th. Love those guys and I had such a blast playing for them last month! In September I'm heading north for a couple of dates in Cleveland at Wilbert's and a return performance at the Rennaissance Hotel! I'll be capping that week off with a stop at The La Salle Tavern in South Bend IN! Can't wait for those plus more shows in Knoxville, Paducah, and more! This year is flying by!

 July 25th- So I want to extend thank yous to some folks for this past week of shows, radio spots and more. First off last Sunday John and I were on Duck Radio in Tullahoma for the "Back Roads"show. Those guys were so friendly and funny and made us feel right at home. I hope we get to see them again sometime soon. Next my pals Triple Run for playing a show with me last week. They are an absolutely amazing band and just some the coolest people ever. Can't wait to do it again this week! More thank yous to John Thomas from Hippie Radio in Chattanooga for making me feel cool and I could have talked classic rock with him all day long. I enjoyed my interview time with him so much and I'm so appreciative that he and the station plugged the shows there this past weekend. Along those same lines Casey Phillips with the Chattanooga Times Free Press wrote a great article promoting my shows and he captured my quirkiness on a phone interview amazingly. Lastly the fine folks at the Foundry in The Chattanoogan Hotel, were so sweet and friendly to John and I. It seemed like everybody, staff and patrons were so excited to hear us they'd read about me or heard me on the radio and welcomed us with open ears! Again thanks so much to all these wonderful people!