Every Daydream

Every Daydream

Hey Gang!

April 16th- Today I'll be doing my thing at Hyatt Place in down town Nashville at 6pm. Later this week on April 18th at 5:30pm I'm playing the R Life event at The Renaissance Hotel in Columbus and on April 19th I'll be making my way to George's Lounge in Canton, OH with The Grand National and The Levee Drivers. Plus I'll be playing a bonus show at The Westin in Columbus at Midnight. Busy weekend ahead if you're in the area I'd love to see you. Check out all the details here on the shows page!


April 17th- Make sure you catch my cover song series on my Youtube channel. This month's video is The Beatles' classic "A Hard Day's Night" Here's the link to watch it plus my you can check out all of my music videos- www.youtube.com/chriscarpentermusic1

April 20th- Happy Easter to everyone I hope you're having a wonderful holiday. I've got to make mention of a special group of folks from West High School in Corning, NY. I played for them at The Wildhorse Saloon last sunday and they were just so awesome to meet and to play for! Can't thank them enough for all of their tweets,likes, messages, etc. It means the world to me that they enjoyed what I do! Hope we stay in touch for a long time!

 April 21st-So if you're already a part of the mailing list or you'd like to be I want to let you know that I've recently given the email service a little bit of a face lift. You guys who are already on the list will be recieving email blasts from chriscarpenterfans@gmail.com. Plus you can personally contact me from that address. For you folks who would like to join the list you can always come to a show and sign the list or you can do it right here! That's right, and either way I want to give you some free music! At the shows you can get a free download card redeemable at www.dropcards.com/chriscarpenter and here on the webpage just enter your email into the topspin widget and you get a free download. I'm excited about all of this and I hope you guys are too!