Every Daydream

Every Daydream

Hey Gang!

February 17th- I'm not letting a little ice and snow slow me down. I'm hitting the road on Thursday at 6:30pm I'm performing at The Renaissance Asheville. Saturday afternoon at 3pm I'm at Hyatt Place downtown Nashville. There's another big run coming up in the middle of March starting in Cleveland, OH and taking me through Des Moines, South Bend, Pittsburgh, Cambridge, Boston, Foxboro, and ending in New York City. You can see all the details on the shows page and if I'm coming to your town come and spend the evening with me!

February 18th- In spite of this taste of winter I'm reminded that spring is around the corner and I'm beginning the process of selecting songs for my new album. The good news, there are a lot of songs to pick from. I've been trying a few of them out live. I have a few favorites of course but it's nice to get feedback from my friends. To that end I'll be releasing some acoustic videos of new songs as well as old songs and a clip or two of the stories behind the songs to the youtube channel! Stay tuned!

February 19th -  If you want to check it out I've moved my Concert Window performance to Sunday April 19th at 8pm eastern/ 7pm central. You can log on to the concert window website and search Live from East Nashville and Chris Carpenter to see the details and pay what you want to see me from the comfort of your own computer! Plus I'm back to my old tricks at Hyatt on the 21st ,26th, and 28th. Then at Ivories Lounge on the 24th, as well as March 3rd, 10th, 24th, and 31st. Check the shows page for all the details and if you're in Nashville come out and see me for FREE!!

February 20th- Many Thank yous to talk about. First of all I have to thank all the folks at The ASCAP Showcase most notably Loretta, Bonnie, Jason, Eric, and the rest of the crew. Those guys treated John and I so great and made me feel like I was a rock star for five minutes. I would do all of the Sundance experience all over again because of those guys were fantasic! I also want to express so much gratitude to Kelly and Matt at the K2forma PR company here in Nashville. They've graciously spent the last month and a half hyping me up to press and media for the whole Sundance thing! I really hope to continue to work with them in the future. Now for this minitour- The folks at The Ren Orlando Sea World for feeding and sheltering a very sleepy singer. Dan and the Tampa Ren team for having us play outside in January! That's right in January! Thanks also to the Boca Ren for our other poolside performances, and my other Orlando friends for being a wonderful crowd while this football game was on I think it was super or something. Thanks to Scott in Baton Rouge with Green Frog for taking good care of us regarding my shows there. Much gratitude to Kathleen and Meagan for putting us up in Jackson. Finally The Ren Montgomery for my own room last Friday and Humphrey's for a great crowd Saturday night!