Today I want to share the story behind a song from Every Daydream called “My Complication.”

I had really felt as if I’d lost the spark. John, Rod, and I usually wind up in the studio at least a couple times a week to work on some new stuff. I don’t know if it was the tour schedule, being in live music mode or something but I was just feeling bone dry as far as my songwriting went. I really wasn’t bringing my best work with me and I think the guys God bless them didn’t really think so. One day I did express my frustration to Rod and he said, “Well go home and just relax. Don’t think too hard and the song will tell you what it needs.”

The man is a cool genius. I came back the next week with this tune virtually arranged and almost complete. He said “Great! I’m thinking a lot of guitars. A lot!!”

“My Complication” lyrically stems from the hypothetical. I am a play-by-the-rules kind of guy most of the time. I really do try to do right by the people around me and not get tangled up in crazy stuff. I suppose some might say I’m not a risk taker. So, maybe this song is a little bit of my alter ego or evil twin coming out. The guy who always plans things out, who knows the person he’s supposed to be with but for once in his life (like all of us sometimes) just has to play with fire this one time. So he dreams of going after this girl and it may blow up in his face, but who cares if it’s fun and interesting?

Listen to “My Complication”